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Saturday, June 30

Israeli President- Convicted Sex Offender

Not to mention that the whole state of Israel now looks like a big old sex offender. (oops, am I allowed to say that?)

From the independent-
"The outgoing President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, yesterday escaped jail by agreeing a plea bargain under which rape charges against him will be dropped. In return he is admitting charges of lesser sexual offences against former employees."
The AG said that
"there had been a "consideration of the public interest in reducing the harm caused to the presidency... and to the State of Israel's image due to a trial which would have been held for a long period of time with unflattering headlines to the presidency in Israel and in the world"."

Worried about Israel's worldwide 'unflattering' image? Gimme a break.
The whole thing stinks. If in fact he did rape former employees, which we won't know for certain unless there is a fair trial, and he got a plea deal, then this makes Israel look even more "unflattering" and just as barbaric as any third world country. feh.

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