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Thursday, June 14

I'm learning

I spoke at length to a friend in Arizona last night who made me aware of just how fucked up the situation is with the Mexican illegal immigrants there, how the immigration bill is on everyone's mind, how they say McCain is doomed and no matter what rhetoric you hear from DC, the truth is that the current immigration laws aren't being enforced, the borders will never be secured, not even the present ones, everything benefits rich white business owners and if anything we should address the Mexican government for encouraging their citizens to go to the US to work and send money back to Mexico. Fat chance. The border patrol is also on the take.

The legal Mexican immigrants are pissed off at the illegals who are dragging their pay down too. Jails are full of illegal immigrants. Construction jobs, the mainstay of many American workers are being filled by illegal Mexican aliens. The pay for an American who once worked building homes in Arizona is now down to $8/hr. to start and if you are experienced will only go up to $15/hour. Incredible. And it's not like the prices of new homes are any cheaper with this cheap labor. I would like to know if John McCain ever contemplated living on $15/hour, let alone $8/hr.

After recently visiting Texas and Arizona I did go away wondering just how the middle class is surviving there. I wondered if there even is a middle class there. It's not that the illegals are doing jobs that Americans don't want to do, it's that the illegals will work for a few bucks an hour and are dragging wages down so that Americans can't even survive on those paychecks. If the "authorities" would even enforce the laws on the books, the middle class there wouldn't be struggling so. It all boils down to greed. There is also a radical movement to take back Mexican land that I wasn't aware of. And I really wanted to move there because it's so beautiful. I don't know what I would do for work.

Lots to learn.

My experiences with immigrants, because I live in the 'melting pot,' has been mostly positive. I don't like the idea of the point system for immigrants but I can certainly see why those living on border states would support that. In reality it wouldn't matter if there was a point system or not to those in the southwest because it probably wouldn't be enforced. While immigrants enhance the way of life and the culture here in the NYC metropolitan area, it is not so all across the country. I have no solution. I am just thinking about how much I don't know.

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