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Monday, June 11

I know I'm blonde... but huh?

The US is giving "arms, ammunition, cash, fuel and supplies" to Sunni groups in Iraq. These Sunni's supposedly are opposed to al Qaeda and promise to fight them (even though many of them were once allied with al Qaeda) and to alert US soldiers as to where the roadside bombs are. Critics have a lot to say about this. I have a few questions.

Joe Lieberman must have been watching the same cold war movies and snuff military training films that I was watching over the weekend because he sounds like your typical congress critter in the 1950's warning Americans that their lives are at stake, that their "democracy" is at stake. Regarding Iran he said, “we can’t just talk to them. … We’ve got to use our force and to me that would include taking military action.” I've heard that before.

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