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Tuesday, June 19

How soon will it be $4-5 a gallon?

No, not for gas; for water.
The Chicago Tribune's headline reads:
Tensions rise as drought worsens, threatens to spread
North and South Carolina are fighting over a river. In Tennessee, springs are drying up, jeopardizing production of Jack Daniels whiskey. The mayor of Los Angeles is asking residents to take shorter showers. And in Georgia, the governor is praying for rain.
More than a third of the United States is in the grip of a menacing drought that threatens to spread before the summer ends.
While much of the West has experienced drought conditions for close to a decade, the latest system is centered over Alabama and extends to much of the Southeast, heavily affecting Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Virginia as well as parts of Arkansas and West Virginia.


Without oil, we stand still.
Without water, we die.
Without Jack Daniels, life isn't worth living.
Although PoLT's pa would've said, "Gimme a Seagram 7; tall glass, lotsa ice, not much water". He used to hide his empty jugs in the vegetable bin of the Frigidaire until it wouldn't hold anymore and then haul them out to the curb in used grocery bags with a newspaper folded down over the top so the neighbors wouldn't see. Along comes the garbage truck the next day, which in those days was an open-top dump truck. The "pitcher" riding the running board jumps off, bumps one of the half-dozen or so sacks, and out spill at least a dozen bottles or more (I'm peeking through the blinds.) The "pitcher" just kinda stared for a while, then reached down and grabbed one of the jugs, held it up to the light, unscrewed the cap, and let the last few drops trickle down his throat. ('Jever notice how if you let an "empty" bottle stand for a while, what's stuck to the sides will accumulate in the bottom?) The driver finally notices, gets out and the two of them sat there on the curb for five minutes or more, sipping down the dregs from pa's empties. Bet they got the equivalent of two or three shots apiece. Hope they made to the end of the route okay.

UPDATE: "Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake, has dropped to its lowest level in 81 years. The water is 20 inches below average and a foot lower than just a year ago."

UPDATE II: "The worst summer drought to hit northeast China's Liaoning Province in 30 years has left more than one million people short of drinking water, the provincial government said."

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