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Monday, June 18

Good morning America

In "Entertainment News" there's a report that NY weatherman, Sam Champion, of ABC received a suspicious letter, with mysterious powder, that mentioned "anthrax." He works at Good Morning America. Speaking of anthrax and reflecting on that time when we warned that terrorists would rent crop dusters and sprinkle the stuff all over us here in the NY metro area, and thinking about how Democrats and news anchors were targeted, it kind of makes you wonder about the lack of spine in the Dems and the media today. Death threats are serious business.

Speaking about threatening people into silence... The families of the four Blackwater contractors who were brutally murdered in Fallujah were told by Blackwater that they would have to sue Blackwater to find out why their loved ones were killed. So they get a lawyer and sue. How does Blackwater respond? By suing the families of the slain for $10 million dollars so that they would shut up. I know young men who were recruited by Blackwater. They looked at it as a well paying job which would help their families. They weren't greedy and they certainly wouldn't get rich from the job. It just paid better than re-enlisting. But God forbid if you die while being a contracted combatant.

The family of Pat Tillman still can't get to the bottom of how their son died. Everything's a big secret and if you ask, then you're unpatriotic, as if being a robot is a good thing. Speaking of robots, I have little or no respect left for military service, because the more I read and study history, the more I realize that it's not about defense at all. It's about brainwashing young people into doing the dirty work of bad men who accept no accountability. If you come home just a little bit psycho after fighting a war, and now it's a war where we are funding the bad guys, the VA has news for you- our services for mental patients suck.

Speaking of brainwashing in the military, I finished reading Seymour Hersh's latest offering in the New Yorker, The General's Report about General Taguba who produced the report about the atrocities at Abu Ghraib. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. His report was denied all the way to the top of the administration. Why he didn't resign earlier is a question not answered in the article. And yes, everything you imagined about the DOD, the pentagon and the CIA are all probably true. The young soldiers took the rap.

Everyone is discussing who the scariest candidate for president is. It depends on whether you're a christian war monger or not in how you determine your choice. They are all pretty scary to me.

This coming Fourth of July, or Independence Day, as some like to call it, will leave me thinking about how much killing was done to provide us with a false sense of freedom.

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