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Monday, June 18

Farther Down The Rabbit Hole

I fear for my sanity's sake every time I read the news. There are more missing emails today (anyone suspect Rove), Afghanistan is a growing disaster with 100 killed there today, absolutely no one in this administration feels the need to tell the truth or stop dissembling for ANY reason.

And now we find Pakistan is experiencing a resurgence of al Qaeda. And whose fault is that? Apparently Darth has control of that policy (from Think Progress):

" Current and past U.S. officials tell me that Pakistan policy is essentially being run from Cheney’s office. The vice president, they say, is close to Musharraf and refuses to brook any U.S. criticism of him. This all fits; in recent months, I’m told, Pakistani opposition politicians visiting Washington have been ushered in to meet Cheney’s aides, rather than taken to the State Department."

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