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Thursday, June 21

Ex-Presidents and Their Lackeys

The Secret Service is scrambling to train and plot security detail for ex-president Bush, when he leaves office. They consider Bush will be the most targeted by terrorists or other "crazy persons" ex-president in the history of US. (I wonder why?)
I guess the same goes for ex-vice president Cheney. Do ex-VPs get security detail also? If they do, that would be great for the Cheney family.
The looming question is, what about the lackeys who attract the same hatred as their bosses?
Are they all gonna move to Crawford Texas? Is Rove going to move in with the ex-president? Will he continue to be Bush's butler, or Bush will assign some of the 103 Secret Service people to guard Turdblossom?
We all know, that no republican will employ him as their brain.

Do you have any ideas for Turdblossom's retirement?

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