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Monday, June 25

Everyone's al Qaeda now

Glenn Greenwald notes (and I would guess that most of us noticed this) that the Iraqi insurgents are now referred to as al Qaeda in the press.

And note that even for the "smallest" group among those we are fighting in Iraq, the president described them not as "Al Qaeda," but as those "affiliated with or inspired by al Qaeda." Claiming that our enemy in Iraq was comprised primarily or largely of "Al Qaeda" was too patently false even for the President to invoke in defense of his war.

But now, support for the war is at an all-time low and war supporters are truly desperate to find a way to stay in Iraq. So the administration has thrown any remnants of rhetorical caution to the wind, overtly calling everyone we are fighting "Al Qaeda." This strategy was first unveiled by Joe Lieberman when he went on Meet the Press in January and claimed that the U.S. was "attacked on 9/11 by the same enemy that we're fighting in Iraq today".
We know that al Qaeda are Sunni's and we know that trucks of money and supplies have been sent to Iraq from Saudi Arabia (Sunni) so how do we know which Sunni insurgents are al Qaeda?

I think that Darth Cheney is al Qaeda. Really.

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