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Sunday, June 10

The Atomic Age in review

Watch Atomic Cafe - Crude Industrial Fascism 1
See how the government made light of the pacific islanders who were radiated when the wind shifted after a nuclear test. See young military men duped into participating in an atomic maneuver where they will storm ground zero. They will see "one of the most beautiful sights known by man" and then told that radiation is one of the least effects of nuclear testing. If you follow instructions, you should avoid radiation sickness. If you actually do get enough dosage of radiation, the explosion would have killed you anyway. So don't worry. You'll be ok.
Then watch the Army chaplain reciting a statement on how nuclear testing is a wonderful sight to behold.

Then watch Atomic Cafe - Crude Industrial Fascism 2
See our boys in action at a nuclear test. See how radiation isn't really that important unless you opened your mouth and let it in your body.
Did you wear any protective gear while watching the blast?
Nope. Just regular gear.
What's that badge you're wearing?
It's to show whether or not I received a lethal dose of radiation.
Watch our boys jump out of their fox holes immediately after the explosion and run to ground zero with their guns.
See a happy little town in Utah affected by radioactive fallout due to a change in wind direction and ordered to stay inside their homes for one whole hour and not to worry about their kids at school.
Cue the cute Leave It To Beaver Music while we get acquainted with an A bomb and learn that risk is just a regular part of life like slipping on a bar of soap in the shower. Beware of "propaganda" that warns you that your hair will fall out, because your hair will grow back. You can wear a toupee in the meantime.

See Atomic Cafe - Déjà vu a.k.a. Mad Men Talking
We are fighting in Korea for our own national security and survival!
We should fight it to win militarily rather than diplomatically and we should use the atomic bomb. We can destroy Korea and Manchuria with the A bomb!
See little old ladies agree just blow up Korea and get the boys home.
See how the military responds to anti-war "propaganda" and how the commies plant the propaganda. Watch our boys learn to tell peace loving Americans: "Why don't you go live in a communist country?" and my all time favorite: "You look pretty well off, sister, for tearing down the country that gives you freedom of speech." Indeed. Silly commies. We'll take care of them. Watch a young Dick Nixon warn of our secrets being sold to Russia by American traitors.

Atomic Cafe - Time Machine
American propaganda aimed at convincing us that the H bomb should be built for our liberty and protection. See monks, priests, little old ladies and Eisenhower endorse the H bomb. It's patriotic!

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