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Wednesday, June 13

And Woe It Is To Be Young

My daughter graduated from college last year with a degree in Environmental Health. She has a temporary position with the DNR through Americorps. She has been actively searching for a permanent position since she graduated. We live in Michigan which, as you may know, has the worst economy in the country due in large part to the blindness of the auto industry.

In her search for a job Sarah pointed out to me something that is bothering her increasingly. She uses the internet for the most part and, apparently, the military is getting sneakier and sneakier about inserting recruitment posts. This one is not too sneaky but she says some of the posts you must read all the way through to get to any army reference. Here in Michigan things are getting more dire every day. To balance the state budget the governor is now taking money away from the DNR and Bush does not want to fund Americorps any longer.

Now Sarah will find a job even if she has to go out of state or accept a position she doesn't want for awhile. There are millions here in Michigan who are not as fortunate. I guess the government has a plan for them.

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