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Thursday, June 14

And now a new threat from China

It's not enough that they manufacture shitty products for American corporations, they have been busy making WMDs and war machines.
Richard Lawless, the Pentagon's deputy undersecretary for Asia-Pacific affairs, said the US government urgently wanted to launch a strategic dialogue to discuss China's military intentions, especially over nuclear arms.
I am especially concerned about the guy's name. Lawless. Hmm. Reminds me of a Hawthorn novel.

Lawless goes on to say that since we can't have a dialog with China, but the reason why we can't isn't given, "we must plan and prepare for the worst." What the worst is, isn't clear in the article.

Robert Gates called for a dialog with China and is not as pessimistic as Mr Lawless. But recently China tested an anti-satellite weapon and is also becoming quite adept at "Cyber warfare."
About 900 Chinese missiles are in place opposite Taiwan, while China is also rolling out far more sophisticated long-range nuclear missiles, combat planes, warships and submarines, the Department of Defense official said.
The expensive upgrading of Chinese offensive systems "is tilting the military balance in the mainland's favor" against Taiwan, but also risks upsetting the regional balance of power in Asia and beyond, Lawless said.
To me, it just seems like the whole world is pissed off and the terrorists have won. The US is funding Sunni's in Iraq and the whole thing doesn't make sense. The media is doing a very bad job of explaining this rationale and most likely it's because there isn't one except that there are some very hawkish guys like Lieberman who are itching to start something in Iran.

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