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Friday, June 22

All The Hullabaloo

I don't know if anyone at Blondesense is a Hullabaloo reader. I have been for years. Digby is one of the best writers on the internet. For those who are not aware of the recent 'hullabaloo' Digby finally revealed herself as a woman. As a longtime reader, I am sorry to say, I was surprised. I do think the choice of the name 'Digby' whether concious or not was intended to convey some masculine authority.

Today The Bag has a visual examination of the whole Digby hullabaloo. Some of this discussion is pertinent to those of us who blog. Does it really make a difference whether we are reading a male or female blogger. Would Digby have reached the level of respect she has if she had put a photo of herself on the blog from the beginning. Is it better to blog pseudonymously or with our own name.

Digby herself has promised to address some of these issues in the near future. As a woman, one who is short, small and blonde, not to mention named Candy, I can understand the desire to leave my name off. I wonder what her reason really was.

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