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Friday, May 11

Some Good Catholics

Just when I thought that the kind of Catholics I grew up and went to school with were obsolete, I was very pleased to read that the same spirit we had in my Catholic College during the Vietnam war is still alive.

Anti-War Campus Catholics Rip Bush Speech
Protesters Call War Unjust

WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush will deliver the commencement address at a small Catholic college in Pennsylvania.

What should have been a safe bet hasn't turned out that way.

Students and faculty at St. Vincent College have protested Bush's upcoming appearance because of his Iraq war policy.

In an open letter, St. Vincent faculty said Iraq is not a just war as defined by Catholic doctrine. The letter accuses the president of launching a "preemptive, unprovoked war" in Iraq and stifling debate at home through "fear-mongering and threats."

The speech was arranged by the school's president, who once headed the White House's office of faith-based initiatives.

Jim Towey said he knew the speech would generate controversy, but thinks it's a great opportunity for his students.

Prior to his White House tenure, Towey had worked with Mother Teresa for 12 years as legal counsel and volunteer in her missions in the United States and Mexico, the university said.
Saint Vincent is a coed Catholic liberal arts college in Latrobe, about 35 miles east of Pittsburgh. It was founded in 1846.

The university said this will be Bush's first commencement address at a Pennsylvania college and only the second at a Catholic institution.


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