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Wednesday, May 30

A pause for reflection

Scientific research has found that political preferences are half genetic and half influenced by environment. Genetics don't necessarily force someone into a life of conservatism or liberalism however. When someone fears death or terrorism, they tend to become conservative. Research found that after 9/11, 38% of New Yorkers became more conservative while only 13% became more liberal. The article doesn't say whether or not those who became more conservative in NY were suffering from PTSD. Creative people and those who welcome social change tend to be more liberal and people who prefer more order and structure in their lives tend to be more conservative.

Liberals are not very happy people overall. If you ask me, fighting fascism is a full time job and quite frustrating. A Pew Research poll determined that Republicans are happier than Democrats- happiness is determined by life events as well as financial status and church membership.

There is a renewed interest in history among Americans. More and more people want to relate the past with the present. The sales of history books are on the rise. (I love history. I love the future. History repeats itself. hmmm.)

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