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Wednesday, May 16

The Pain at the Pump...

We're all experiencing pain and disdain, when we fill up our gas tanks.
It is obvious that the Oil Companies are manipulating gas prices. I read an article that all major corporations are maximizing their efforts to make as much profit as they can, before the "free for all magnates" administration's time will run out.
This is the best news for the progressive crowd, that the era of Oligarchy is coming to an end. Corporations know the best when times are changing.
So, what can we do about the high gas prices? You may not be aware that you're paying more for everything you buy, because corporations who deliver the goods to your supermarket include the increased fuel cost in the products you buy. The recent 1st class mail increase by 2 cents was brought on by increased cost of fuel.

There was an internet effort circulating through email to boycott gas companies one day and not buy fuel for your car. That has been tried before and it didn't work. It is no secret that we're dealing with an Oil Cartel and price fixing conspiracy.

Here is the solution: If we boycott, we should boycott one brand, likely the biggest, Exxon-Mobil. All we have to do is just pass by their stations and purchase from any other. In my neighborhood, there was an Exxon station where the price was the highest during all this madness. Every time I passed by, the station was deserted. That pissed off the owner of the station. He jumped ship and changed to Sunoco. Now that station is the cheapest gas in the neighborhood and the busiest.

If we all do this, Exxon will be forced to lower the price and the rest will follow.

Spread the word!

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