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Friday, May 25

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Let's see what researchers at universities are coming up with lately:

The temperature of your scrotum does matter:
Fertility researchers at State University of NY at Stony Brook warns males that heat from your laptop computer (if used on your lap) had a median increase in scrotal temperature from 2.6- 2.8┬║Celsius. Subjects were also asked to sit for an hour without a laptop on their laps and their scrotal temperature only rose 2.1┬║ Celsius. The test didn't measure sperm production, but it is known that a rise in scrotal temperature diminishes healthy sperm production by up to 40%. There is no direct conclusion that laptops and decreased fertility are linked, but researchers want to issue a caution warning for the time being if you want to be a daddy.

Oral Sex may cause throat cancer
Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland discovered a link between HPV and throat cancer for both men and women. HPV may be transmitted via oral sex. The more oral sex partners you have, the more likely you are to contract throat cancer. If the HPV vaccine can be shown that it also prevents throat cancer, then a vaccine will be made available for men as well.
People who had one to five oral-sex partners in their lifetime had approximately a doubled risk of throat cancer compared with those who never engaged in this activity - and those with more than five oral-sex partners had a 250% increased risk.

There was an even stronger link between oral sex and throat cancers clearly caused by HPV-16 (those tumours that tested positive for the strain). People with more than five oral sex partners had a 750% increased risk of these HPV-16-caused cancers.
Smoking and drinking only give you a 3% increased risk of getting throat cancer.

Sexual orientation Matters
Researchers at the The University of Warwick discovered that sexual orientation, not gender, affect how we navigate and recall lost objects.
In general, over the range of tasks measured, where a gender performed better in a task heterosexuals of that gender tended to perform better than non-heterosexuals. When a particular gender was poorer at a task homosexual and bisexual people tended to perform better than heterosexual members of that gender.

However age was found to discriminate on gender grounds but not sexual orientation. The study found that men’s mental abilities declined faster than women’s and that sexual orientation made no difference to the rate of that decline either for men or women.
The impact of teen sex is low if the couple has a close relationship
Researchers at the University of Minnesota
concluded that teenage sex does not affect teen's mental health unless the teens were very young, if the couple was not very close or if the relationship did not continue afterwards.

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