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Thursday, May 31

News From the War

No sooner did Joe Lieberman tout that progress was being made in Iraq during his surprise visit to Baghdad, did he lose his "joe-mentum" when he spoke to troops. The main question from troops was, "When are we going to get out of here?" and other questions were raised about the body armor and upgrading the Humvees. The troops, it seems, don't feel like they are making any progress according to this report. Lieberman wore a helmet and body armor to a market he described as "bustling" and bought some sun glasses. He told soldiers that it's "important we don't lose our will." Our will, huh? He added,"To pull out would be a disaster." For whom?

One troop who didn't lose his will is Sgt. Tawan Williamson who lost part of his leg in Iraq and wants to go back into combat. The Army no longer discharges amputees who want to return to active duty.

I suppose it's a good thing that some amputees want to remain in Iraq with their buddies because the president envisions US presence in Iraq like the presence in S. Korea for the past 50 years. The president didn't mention where US presence in Saudi Arabia got us on 9/11.

Sweden takes more Iraqi refugees and does more for them than the US.
So far 2 million Iraqi's have fled their country. They are the fastest growing refugee population in the world. Since 2003, the US has only let in fewer than 800 Iraqi's, but now the US says it will allow nearly 7,000 Iraqi refugees by the end of September.

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