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Saturday, May 12

Mother's Day Strategy

I've noticed in the Army commercials lately that they are speaking to parents- telling parents to "listen to their kids." har har har hardy har har

Sure. I'd listen to my kid for about 5 seconds after the word "military" was brought up and then I'd lock him in his room for the duration. I am the mommy and I say that you will stay in your room until I say you can come out again.

According to the Pentagon, the biggest obstacle in recruiting children to fight their war in Iraq is dealing with parents like me. I am very happy to hear that news. I wish that there were even more parents like me. It's pretty hard to plan wars when you don't have enough willing participants. That's my point.

Ah but the Army has a new plan to trick encourage kids into giving up their lives for oil (which turned out to be missing in Iraq):
"The Reserve plans to adopt a National Guard program and use its young soldiers as recruiters in their home communities, boosting the number of recruiters reaching out to youth based on the belief that peers can be a deciding force in the decision to enlist."
More reasons to lock up your sons, if you ask me.

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