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Thursday, May 10

Just How Out of Touch are the Bushistas Anyway

The president said in January that he wants US teams of military and civilian experts to go to Iraq and help rebuild. I would imagine that many Iraqi experts have fled the country by now. According to WaPo in February, the US has been recruiting people from other countries like Pakistan with no experience, no understanding of the Iraqi culture and no diplomatic skills because US agency employees outright refuse to go there. The US plans to "privatize" reconstruction efforts eventually, but it will take a year to do so. Not only that, the WH budget didn't include any funding for the reconstruction. See also TPM Muckracker for more reasons why US civilians' positions in Iraq will have to be filled by the overstretched military.

Last week, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez sent an email to 39,000 employees seeking volunteers to move to Iraq. 40 people have responded so far and it has not been made clear if they were yes answers. duh.


And in related news, have you read this? 11 Republicans Berate Bush Over Iraq In Private White House Meeting. They say they are prepared for "defeat."
I say that there is no way that anyone can tell what victory or defeat will look like anymore. There is a civil war going on in Iraq- someone will win or lose in that war. Which side are we on anyway?

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