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Tuesday, May 29

It's hard to find a competent executioner these days

It took so long for the executioners to get the lethal needle into the prisoner's arm in Ohio that he needed to take a bathroom break.

Death penalty opponents saw this as a "botched execution" and called for a moratorium on executions in Ohio. The ACLU said, "What is clear from today's botched execution is that the state doesn't know how to execute people without torturing them to death."

But Christopher Newton, the condemned man, killed his cellmate in 2001 and insisted on the death penalty. He got into jail in the first place for deliberately leaving his fingerprints on a burglary because he wanted to go to jail. He joked with prison staffers during the delay in finding a suitable vein. Newton's attorney did not seek to have the execution stalled because Newton wanted to die and his job is to "represent his client."

This story kind of makes you wonder if prison was the right place for this obviously mentally ill man.

Speaking of executions in the US- Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia and Montana have made pedophilia an offense punishable by death even if no life was taken. Gov Rick Perry of Texas will sign a similar law.

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