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Wednesday, May 9

In GOP news

This kind of makes you wonder where regular Americans really stand regardless of the rhetoric spewed forth by the cable tv news.

Despite his opinion on "personal liberty" and abortion, Rudy Giuliani is way ahead in the polls against John McCain who says that no true conservative supports abortion rights. But seriously, where is it written that the Republican Party have to be all conservative all the time? Didn't the Cons have their own party? And who said that if you aren't totally conservative then you can't be a Republican? Do these people not believe in gray areas? Isn't that where most Americans fall? Most 'conservatives' I know are fiscally conservative but believe in liberty and justice for all. I'm just saying...

Political Conservatives don't care about regular people and they are going to be knocking themselves out to attack Guiliani's pro-choice position. You have to see it to believe it. Perhaps Rudy's not the total fascist like the rest of the GOP candidates. Or perhaps he is deliberately separating himself from the rest of the candidates and will turn into a liberty hater like the rest of them when it is politically expedient.

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