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Friday, May 18

Immigration: Just my little old opinion

There are a lot of opinions out there on both sides regarding the new immigration deal. Some complain that the new bill would give amnesty to illegal aliens in our country, however it also states that in order to get a new non-immigrant Z-type visa and eventually permanent residency or a green card, the illegal alien would pay $5,000 fine. I wouldn't call paying a fine, amnesty. Generally, if you break the law in this country, you pay a fine or go to jail or both. So this fits in with the program. It makes no fiscal sense to throw illegal immigrants into jail simply for just being here. The fine should satisfy both sides to some degree. As far as deporting millions of illegal immigrants, I doubt that our government could ever pull off anything like that and we could end up having a witch hunt which would be counterproductive. Not only that, I could see the economy collapsing if 12 million people were deported.

The deal is that the above so called "amnesty" would happen after the borders were secured with 18,000 new border guards and "scores of radar and camera towers" were installed on the US border with Mexico. If the jobs created by these new projects don't pay a living wage, you can guess who will be working at the border, can't you. If it's decided that the US is going to build a fence along the border, who do you think will do that job?

Historically, immigrants came here to reunite with their families and to escape oppression. That would be done away with under the new bill unless the persons wishing to move here display some talents and skills needed by the workplace in America. It would be a merit based system. This is a serious bone of contention that deserves some debate. Personally, I would be satisfied with some sort of compromise in this area because immigrants have historically learned new trades once they got here and excelled at them due to their eagerness to achieve the so-called "American Dream." I employ immigrants all the time and I am so impressed with their willingness to learn to communicate in English, give their children a better life and their dedicated work ethic. The passion that they bring with them is what makes our country so great.

The immigration issue isn't something to take lightly because it would redefine our country. You don't redefine a country without some debate. We used to welcome tired, weary, poor, huddled masses and now that we are well stocked with foreign as well as homegrown tired, weary and poor people, it might be a good time to rethink the number of huddled masses we receive.

I am not opposed to immigration at all, in fact I enjoy that so many of my neighbors and friends come from somewhere else in the world. However living in a terribly overpopulated part of the country, I would like to see future incoming immigrants move to less populated states (unless they have family here) and give those states a reason for having 2 Senators.

What do you think about this new immigration deal?

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