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Friday, May 11


I can't make sense of the cover story at Newsday today. What do you think? I feel kind of bad for thinking that this guy is a total nut case. This isn't the first story I know about men and women who have left their families to fight for George Bush. Is it rude for me to want to tell them that they have been brainwashed? Honestly, I could see that if we were under attack that people would go off to war to defend our country. I would go. But...
The 41-year-old doctor [Alan Flower] of osteopathic medicine will leave a well-established practice, his wife and two young sons, as well as a teaching career, and prepare to put himself in harm's way as an Air Force flight surgeon. His inspiration, the family practitioner said, was Sept. 11, 2001.
"I have what our commander in chief [President George W. Bush] talked about - 'uncompromised resolve.' I was determined," Flower said.

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