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Tuesday, May 15

A Friend's Post About A Friend

Taking some time here to discuss some serious shit.
I reproduce here a post from The Dark Wraith Forums:

"The Fat Lady Sings has been under attack by a spammer who wants to silence her. He's the usual sort: vile, threatening, obscene; in short, a sociopath—a pathetic excuse for a man who likes to prey on womenfolk because he, like all of his craven kind, thinks women are weak, stupid, and deserving of sexually charged hate speech. These criminals are cowards who think they can hide behind phony e-mail addresses and miserably weak IP anonymizers.

"They're nothing but belly-crawlers who can't grow up. The same kind of scum that terrorized blogger Melissa McEwan (aka "Shakespeare's Sister") at the behest of a heretik who poses as a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church and the guardian of the legacy of Jesus of Nazareth.

"At the end of their days, these monstrosities will burn in the Hell of eternal nothingness; but long before they stew in that infinite, ceaseless, tormenting pot of not-being, they will be caught by law enforcement authorities here on this mortal Earth, and they will be punished. The sicko menacing The Fat Lady Sings isn't far from that fate.

"Tonight, he's scared. He should be. He's going to be caught, and he can only imagine what that means."

FLS's home page is HERE. Seems her "Action Alert" post attracted some nasties. Check out the links, particularly the one to Shakesville. And remember: We're probably dealing with psychopaths. Some of the threats she's been dealing with can be found at her comments at this post over at The Big Brass Blog.

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