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Friday, May 11

Friday Sex Post - Mother's Day Edition


I'm addressing this post mainly to all the men out there. Yes, sir, I'm talking to YOU - and you too, so stop hiding. I'm talking to everyone with XY stamped on their cells or bearing a penis.

Okay, granted that Mother's Day is only two days away, but there's nothing that says you can't be spontaneous and surprise that Special Woman with a nice surprise. So, what's it going to be? Candy, diamonds or flowers; or maybe a nice candlelit romantic dinner?

They're all a bit cliched, aren't they?

Well, the fine folks at have a wide assortment of items that can give the woman you love a night she might have fun recalling. Warning - this may not be work-safe in some areas.

One item is this lovely objet d'art, made of glass. Hint: immerse it in warm water before using (or in cool water to give her a bit of a thrill!).

And this is for two people to have some fun. And it's a bit cute and funny-looking, too!

So, guys, honor the woman in your life by changing the tempo a bit. Who knows? She might prefer it to flowers.

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