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Monday, May 28

Everyone thinks of changing the world

"So say, generally, the ruling classes, with such
assurance that patriotism is a noble feeling, that
the simple populace, who are ignorant of it, think
themselves, in consequence, at fault, and try to
persuade themselves that they really posses it,
or at least pretend to have it.

The sentiment, in its simplest definition, is merely
the preference for one's own country or nation above
the country or nation of any one else.

It is quite possible that governments regard this
sentiment as both useful and desirable, and of
service to the unity of the State; but one must see
that this sentiment is by no means elevated, but
on the contrary, very stupid and immoral.
Stupid, because if every country were to consider
itself superior to others, it is evident that all but
one would be in error; and immoral because it
leads all that posses it to aim benefiting their
own country or nation at the expense of every
other - an inclination exactly at variance with the
fundamental moral law, which all admit,
"Do unto others as you would not
wish them to do unto you."

"Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself."

Leo Tolstoy

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