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Thursday, May 31

Escapist Stories Thursday

All the recent bad news got you down?

Well sit down in front of your computer and hitch a virtual tramp steamer for Spontoon Island!

Allow me to explain.

Standup philosopher George Carlin said that there were pastimes, and hobbies. The distinction, he said, was that hobbies cost money while pastimes were quite free. So I've been indulging in my favorite pastime, writing creatively for this anthology website.

The major setting for all of these stories is a small Pacific nation in the mid-1930s. It's replete with interesting characters, tropical beaches, warm ocean water, and anarcho-syndicalist military forces. There are quite a few talented contributors to the site, both writers and illustrators.

It may not be exactly your cup of tea, but hey - it's a great way to escape from reality.*

*Shameless plug - my stories are "Luck of the Dragon" and "Tales from Rain Island."

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