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Thursday, May 24

Don't quit drinking today

News that makes you want to bury your head in the sand

Raw Story: US issues nuclear warning to Iran as armada enters Gulf

The Washington Note: Cheney Attempting to Constrain Bush's Choices on Iran Conflict: Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush

Raw Story: Bush: 'I'm credible because I read the intelligence'. Bush tells reporters that al Qaida wants to kill your children.

The New York Times: While Dems cave, American opposition to the war at an all time high. No one cares.

Max Blumenthal: The Diary of a Christian Terrorist
"Uhl's blog, featured on his Myspace page, offers a window into the political underpinnings of his bomb plot. In one post, Uhl implores Christians to die on the battlefield for "Uncle Sam." He justifies his call to arms by quoting several Biblical passages and reminding his readers that the "gift of God" is eternal life."

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