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Tuesday, May 15

Don't Let the Screen Door Hit You In the Ass On Your Way Out

Even though the Bushistas still support the comb licking (and nose picking) architect of the war on Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz, he refuses to step down. An investigation after his girlfriend got a tremendous pay raised revealed that he "broke bank rules and violated his own contract – setting off a struggle between US and European governments over Mr Wolfowitz's future."

The Guardian reports that he went on a tirade using four letter words that I cannot print here due to my delicate sensibilities.

The Guardian also reports that the investigation revealed that "Mr Wolfowitz's actions "had a dramatic negative effect on the reputation and credibility" of the bank." I would add that having Wolfowitz become the president of the World Bank in the first place destroyed any credibility they might have had and his actions just confirm what everyone else already knew.

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