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Wednesday, May 16

The Antichrist Is Back Where He Belongs

Jerry Falwell will soon be forgotten.

He never achieved the status that Satan had hoped he'd achieve while on earth in most of the 20th century, but Jerry Falwell did his damnedest to capture the minds of the ignorant and ignite intolerance. While he won't go down in history as the man who destroyed the concept of loving one another or peace on earth goodwill to men, he will be noted for this brief time in history as being one of the tools used by freedom hating, war loving, media manipulating, stupid white men. Unfortunately he leaves a college on earth that will go on to taint young minds based on a book that was meant to teach love and forgiveness but was used to foment intolerance, greed and hatred.

Let us now take a moment to remind ourselves one last time of the vile anti-American and anti-Christian spewage from this man and then let it go. If you are a person of faith, be sure to thank God for removing this pitiful excuse for a human being from this earth:

  • • “I had a student ask me, "Could the savior you believe in save Osama bin Laden?" Of course, we know the blood of Jesus Christ can save him, and then he must be executed”
  • • “AIDS is not just God's punishment for homosexuals; it is God's punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals”
  • • “If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being”
  • • “Textbooks are Soviet propaganda”
  • • “The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews”
  • • “It appears that America's anti-Biblical feminist movement is at last dying, thank God, and is possibly being replaced by a Christ-centered men's movement which may become the foundation for a desperately needed national spiritual awakening”
  • • “We visit prisoners on death row, and some of them are saved, but we believe their sentences should be carried out because they have a debt to society”
  • • “[homosexuals are] brute beasts...part of a vile and satanic system [that] will be utterly annihilated, and there will be a celebration in heaven.”
  • • “Can you imagine the insolence of these protesters? ... They have the audacity to disparage and demean these courageous soldiers who are enduring great physical and emotional trauma because they believed in the effort to bring freedom to Iraq.”

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