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Wednesday, April 11

Willy Mason

My new "artist of the week".

He's just too cute I can't stand it!!! I hope the kids listen to him -- and his lyrics. I would definitely turn him up if he came on the radio. He's doing pretty good over at itunes. I just got a couple of his songs. Usually I go for the all around LOUD-sound experience when I say "What a Song!!" Me like to hear and FEEL the bass. But something about this guy and the fact that it's just him and his acoustic guitar make it a "What a Song!!" experience. Oh NO - I'm getting old - kids probably won't like it! Check his cuteness out in this video singing Oxygen Great lyrics, beat, melody and style -- the whole package, IMHO (except for loudness)

If you like that one, you will surely LOVE this one: Save Myself

Break a leg Willy! I'll play you along the way....

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