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Wednesday, April 25

What's going on with Internet Radio?

While surfing the music blogs this morning, I came across this great song:

Posted by Mister Toaster at 7:35 PM
"A little Joni to welcome the spring, which is quickly turning into hot, muggy summer (thanks, Al Gore!). And, considering the looming end of Internet radio on May 15 when the new royalty rates kick in, I've chosen "You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio)" to commemorate the moment.

One of my all-time favorite songs, Joni sings sex as if it were a glorious road trip with the radio. Which it is. Obviously."
Have a listen here (song is at bottom of link)

Hey "Be Cool" all you Chili Palmer's battling this one out.
I had no idea this was going on.
Why are there ALWAYS so many hands out in the music industry?
Will the musicians EVER get all the money????

Here's an interview from popular Internet radio provider Pandora and one of the most vocal proponents for lower webcasting royalty rates.

Supporters of this decision argue that these new, higher royalty rates will ensure that musicians are paid fairly for their work as the music industry shifts its focus from traditional media to the Internet. Currently, record labels and recording artists don’t receive any royalties at all from terrestrial radio, which is required to pay only composers and publishers. However, detractors argue that the new rates are ruinously high and will lead to bankruptcy for the vast majority of webcasters, eliminating a resource that entertains more than 70 million Americans and financially supports tens of thousands of recording artists.

Here's NPR's story - New Royalty Rules May Reshape Internet Radio

Speaking of all this digital music; I'm still in awe of the whole itune world. Do you think itunes has helped musicians financially? I sure think it's the best deal in town. I love that I only have to spend a few dollars on 2-3 songs instead of buying the entire CD. (must not be a good deal for the musicians)

and now Amazon is supposed to be launching their new download store: Is Amazon's Music Strategy Stalled?

Music makes the world go round
or, is it
"MONEY makes the world go round"?

MUSIC makes the world go round ~ my world, anyway

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