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Thursday, April 5

We can stop laughing now

No More "Global War on Terror"

The Military Times reports that the House Armed Services committee is banishing the words, "Global War on Terror" from the 2008 defense budget. The Democrat(ic) Party leadership doesn't like the phrase and believes that "defense policy should be specific about military operations and “avoid using colloquialisms.”"

"Also banned is the phrase the “long war,” which military officials began using last year as a way of acknowledging that military operations against terrorist states and organizations would not be wrapped up in a few years."

Committee staff members are told in the memo to use specific references to specific operations instead of the Bush administration’s catch phrases. The memo, written by Staff Director Erin Conaton, provides examples of acceptable phrases, such as “the war in Iraq,” the “war in Afghanistan, “operations in the Horn of Africa” or “ongoing military operations throughout the world.”

“There was no political intent in doing this,” said a Democratic aide who asked not to be identified. “We were just trying to avoid catch phrases.”
This patriotic American citizen is happy to see that those cutesy phrases will be phased out. This country is not an ad agency. Save the cute stuff for underarm products. I prefer the "Illegal Invasion and Occupation of Iraq" or "The War ON Iraq".

Think Progress has more.

The RNC research committee has come up with a document titled: "NO JOKE! DEMS TAKE ROSIE VIEW House Dems Take Policy Advice From Rosie O'Donnell And Ban Use Of "War On Terror""

Pick yourselves up off the floor now. Yes, the Democratic Party takes it's cues from O'Donnell. It's finally out in the open. I feel so much better that the world knows who comes up with talking points for the party. She's funnier than Lush Bimbo.

As per usual, The RNC is completely wrong, off base and terribly stupid. Their research sucks. If anyone in the RNC research committee would have checked, they would have noticed that in fact George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers had all said that the GWOT is not a good name according to research done by Think Progress. I happen to remember when this renaming was a topic of discussion and blogged about it somewhere at Blondesense. George Bush came up with this delectable morsel that rolled off your tongue:
"We actually misnamed the war on terror, it ought to be the struggle against ideological extremists who do not believe in free societies who happen to use terror as a weapon to try to shake the conscience of the free world.”"
Ah yes, the "TSAIEWDNBIFSWHTUTAAWTTSTCOTFW" I think that's why they went back to GWOT.

PS. From Missouri Mule: Sign the petition to keep Rosie on the Air.

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