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Saturday, April 14

This Is Security?

I'm still following Gonzogate pretty closely, and big kudos to Talking Points Memo and McClatchy News for their dogged coverage. There are a lot of dots being connected, and the resulting picture ain't pretty.

Anywho, one of the intriguing things about the parallel electronic universe employed by Karl Rove and others in the Maladminsitration to avoid using regular governmental email accounts is the security implications. We've already had acknowledgements that many of these guys and gals used the alternative email systems regularly to conduct government business. What do we know about the companies that host the RNC and domains, through which all these emails were being run? What do we know about the security of these communications? What types of government business were being conducted on these accounts? Could highly sensitive government information have been be placed at risk by this practice? Given the purported single-minded focus of this regime on the security of the American homeland, can we not assume that emails with implications for national security were sent over these alternative email systems? Shouldn't we be hearing from the companies managing these domains that we don't have anything to worry about on this front? Oh, and are you going to tell me that these companies didn't have disaster recovery systems in place? And that 5 million emails, in at least some of which highly sensitive business of the United States government presumably was carried on, can no longer be found?

Outrageous seems such a quaint understatement.

It seems to me that a Maladministration as purportedly obsessed with national security as this one, a Maladminsitration that just yesterday asked for more powers for spying operations on US soil has some 'splainin' to do on this front. If they really cared about security, they would have started in their own house.

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