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Friday, April 6

Somebody better tell the chief tub of guts that we're gonna need a new reason to subjugate the oil-producing countries.

"Solar power breakthrough at Massey"
"New solar cells developed by Massey University don't need direct sunlight to operate and use a patented range of dyes that can be impregnated in roofs, window glass and eventually even clothing to produce power."
"Researchers at the centre have developed a range of synthetic dyes from simple organic compounds closely related to those found in nature, where light-harvesting pigments are used by plants for photosynthesis."

Article is in the Manawatu Standard. First caught it over at Signs of the Times.

For those who might question my use of the term "chief tub of guts", it's because it's getting difficult to tell who's running the show these days. There's a Reuters article today entitled, "Bush fighting to stay relevant", and I see where Dead-eye Dick is back in the news running off at the mouth about...relativism? The Reuters article has given me an idea for an article the headline for which will be: "Was Bush EVER Relevant"? I would imagine if a reporter asked him if he was relevant, he would answer, "Why sure, that's the symbol of the Republican Party, and I bin a good Republican all my life". At this point, the conversation would deteriorate into confusion, with "good Republican" being such a gross contradiction in terms that a person with an otherwise healthy mind would be reduced to a gibbering idiot. NO! WAIT! The conversation might actually be able to be carried forward. Two gibbering idiots talking each to the other might make sense. At least to themselves.

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