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Thursday, April 26

Quote of the week

"No one suffers more than their president and I do" - Laura Bush on US troops being sent into harms way in Iraq.


Meanwhile the president is not listening to the American people. And neither is most of the Republican wing of congress. A close vote in the House, 218-208, on Wednesday passed a $124.2 billion supplemental spending bill that contains the troop withdrawal timetable according to the AP. It will likely be passed by the Senate. It's expected to be quickly vetoed by the president. The American people do not see a withdrawal as a surrender, contrary to what the pundits and political operatives declare. John McCain on The Daily Show 2 nights ago said that he speaks to US Troops in Iraq regularly and reports that they tell him that support what they are doing in Iraq, as if that is supposed to be a reason to stay in the war. The troops are following orders, not directing the war... and you wonder what type of duress they are under if and when any of them tell the Senator that they wish to stay and fight. feh

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