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Friday, April 6

Problems Commenting On Blogs

It's been reported that many people are having problems with haloscan comments. This problem started almost a week ago. Norton Internet Security treats attempts to post a comment as an intrusion attempt. No one at haloscan has been kind enough to give a fix for the problem but a few commenters there have offered a suggestion like this:
Go to Personal Firewall on your computer and select "Configure"
Select "Networking" tab.
Select "add" and enter as a "trusted site".
I did a google search on the problem and it appears to be a problem with Norton Security. You can try to update your version of Norton Internet Security if you know how. You then still have to add as a "trusted site"
I also found some people are saying that they use AVG instead of Norton.

If anyone has figured out how to leave comments on haloscan after you've received the Norton message and javascript support error message, please explain it in the comments on this post.

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