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Thursday, April 12

NC Update

A lot has been happening in my little corner of the world. First of all, Camp Lejeune, the large marine corps base nearby, closed state road 172 to all but military traffic. This is a major commuter route between the beaches that was not even closed after September 11th, 2001. After five years they are now worried about security? It makes no sense. Commuters that now have an additional forty-five minutes added to their drive time, not to mention the cost, are protesting at the gates. There is also a stink attached to the fact that the taxpayers just paid to have a fancy new bridge replace the old drawbridge that crosses the river that links to the base side of State Road 172. The marines are also installing car disablers at all entrances.

Why now? There has never been even the hint of "terrorist" activity around here. Initially it raised questions in my mind as to what could be happening in April that made them feel that they needed more security. Are they going to stir the hornet's nest that is Iran? Or could it have something to do with the brand new, never before in history, Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). You know these guys. They are the ones that on their very first mission ever responded to an IED in Afghanistan by shooting every thing on a six mile stretch of road and then took the film of a news photographer that happened to be there taking pictures. Because of this the whole unit was sent to Kuwait. Now I ask you, how bad do you have to be to get kicked out of the war?

Another big brou ha-ha concerns the proposed outlying landing field that the navy is proposing to build north of here. (Every branch of the military has a base within two hours of here including CIA airfields and private militias.) The navy has several options on where to place this training field but is determined to build it next to a major migratory bird sanctuary. It has people of all political persuasions uniting in opposition to the proposed placement. The democratic govenor has long supported the opponents. After a weekend on the coast, republican senator Richard Burr has finally come around to opposing it too. No word yet on Elizabeth Dole but I believe that her interests and the interests of the people of North Carolina have never intersected. According to the Navy's own research there is a severe chance of collision for half of the year. The fact that an isolated airstrip will be in close proximity to the iniquitious den of vipers that is Blackwater disturbs me but then I'm funny that way.

On a more personal note, the blood-sucking leeches that are my employer are boasting of doubling their profits while ungenerously granting one-percent raises. I may just have to become a union organizer.

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