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Thursday, April 26

Moyers: Buying the War

Did you watch Bill Moyers' "Buying the War" last night? If you didn't, you can read about it at

Most interesting was that you could actually watch on television what has been discussed by thinking people over the years-- that the MEDIA FAILED US in the lead up to the war. But we already knew that. We already knew that journalism had taken a turn for the worst and that "reporters" were simply mouthpieces for the government. We already knew that pundits or "experts" had replaced real reporting. Does it make me feel better that I was right and everyone else was wrong? Not at all. It's rather depressing.

There are 2 intrepid reporters who worked for Knight Ridder, now McClatchy, who were on top of the story of the nonsensical excuses to go to war since the get go. They are Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel. Read more about them at the website. No one paid attention to them because they didn't write for papers in mainstream. They had reliable sources in DC though. You probably read some of their reporting on the internet or in your local paper. I remember following the UN weapons inspectors before the war and waiting for the mainstream media to report on their findings in order to prove that Colin Powell lied before the UN.

Dan Rather called television 'reporting' "journalism on the cheap." Rather than actually investigating a story, television news calls in "experts" to debate the stories, leaving no one with any actual facts. But we already knew that. Facts don't make for good television, do they?

Moyers discussed pundits like Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, Richard Pearle, Judith Miller, and Peter Beinhart who led the sheeple in the country to support the illegal war. It wasn't clear why these people were so adamant in their support for the invasion of Iraq. What was in it for them? And seriously, what kind of horrible people are these?

It still infuriates me, literally, when I meet people who take Fox News and reporters at other news organizations at face value. I don't know what could ever make up for the propaganda that tricked so many Americans into submission and my resentment for them... and my utter and total disdain for those in the media who failed us miserably. I feel like I just watched a documentary on the end of the USA as we knew it and there is nothing we can do about it.

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