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Sunday, April 8

Look what happened to my friend, Ben Heine -- UFB - Piss. Me. Off......

In The Artwork That Ate Israel Ben writes:
"I just want to let the visitors of my Blog know that there was a kind of mediatic storm related to the diary I posted on Daily Kos (*) yesterday.

The DK diary, titled “Zionism was and remains a racist ideology” proposed a brilliant article by Ahlam Akram (read the article below) with 2 of my cartoons (the 2 images exhibited at the top of this post). The diary had a very strong impact on the Daily Kos community and I got in a few hours hundreds of hateful comments by enraged Zionists."......................
Ben just posted this today: No Freedom of Expression at Daily Kos

Daily KOS silences international activist Ben Heine for "antiSemitism"

"Amazing. Watch how it was done. Ben Heine, a respected political cartoonist and well-known international activist was invited to Daily Kos this week. He made two first posts lambasting Bush which were very well received with kudos, high fives and all that: Mom Would Have Spanked George W Bush\'s Butt & Bushisms

At his third post, the drama started........."

Sorry this happened to you Ben.

I never go over to Kos anymore anyway, so -- doesn't surprise me. PISSES me off, but doesn't surprise me.

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