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Tuesday, April 24

Is this the beginning of the end for the "Teflon Don"?

No, I don't mean John Gotti. I mean Karl Rove. The reason I named him that, because he brought into the US Government the philosophy and Operating Procedure of the Mob. The more I watch the Soprano series, the more they remind me how Rove operates. Political loyalty is rewarded, disloyalty is punished, and the Boss (Karl Rove) of the Mob operates through proxies, like a good boss would, to avoid any back-track to his orders. Several laptops, blackberries to confuse the tracking and ultra-loyal liaisons (Monica Goodling) to carry out the orders about the mob hits.

L.A. Times and A. P. is reporting that the OSC ( Office of Special Counsel) is investigating Karl Rove for using Government Agencies for carrying out his political deeds (i.e. establishing a single party Republican majority government of the USA)

The OSC started it's investigation at the complaint of US Attorney fired David Iglesias.
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