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Monday, April 23

I'm Baaaaack

Just got home from Texas. I actually had a great flight, thank you very much. The flight crew all understood English very well and I had 2 seats to myself. Did you know that they don't even give you peanuts anymore?

The folks working on the ground in both Dallas/Ft Worth and JFK in NY were unable to understand English, but they had their English answers memorized and picked from one of them when someone asked them a question. "Can I .....?" "Take off your shoes." "Where do I...?" "Take off your shoes."

Here's how it went in the airport shops: "Do you take debit cards?" "Credit card. Yes." "But do you take debit cards?" "Credit card. Yes." Do you take cash?" "Credit card. Yes." "How much is this?" "You want to buy?" "How much is it?" "Credit card. Yes."

I would have found it quite comical if the non english speaking man who brought me to the airport with my overstuffed bags full of heavy art supplies would have dropped me off within a half mile of a curbside check in or if one of the half dozen guys with official uniforms at JFK could have answered me when I asked what terminal we were in or which way to the baggage claim. Thank gawd I didn't have to take a cab home. Lord only knows where I'd end up. I happen to love foreigners. Very much. They are what made America great. It's just that I get irritated when someone doesn't understand English when we're dealing with time tables and transportation. Maybe I ought to start an English class for TSA workers. That's the ticket.

And tell me, what did I miss while I was gone?

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