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Monday, April 16


This morning, as you probably all know, there was a shooting at Virginia Tech at A.J.Hall resulting in 2 people dead. The police were dispatched to investigate the shooting and interview witnesses, while a loose gunman was roaming around the Campus.

I am just paralyzed in my disbelief. No lock-down of campus, no police searching for the loose gunman.

The gunman turns up two hours later at Norris Hall, and while a student shoots a video pointing to the Norris Hall building, the police are standing around the building as 27 gunshot pops are sounded on the Camera-Phone video coming from inside of that building. This shooting resulted in 32 deaths and 29 injured.

I wonder if a failed stop of a motorist on the highway to the siren of a police patrol, how many APBs, car chases and road blocks would be dispatched to catch a traffic violator?!

Is this society broken down? No more heros? No policeman with balls to enter and stop a mad killer?

Instead there are a lot of pictures and amateur videos, showing the police pinning down innocent bystanders all over the campus. How brave!

I am disgusted. Incompetence all over. Let me know how you feel.
It is a terrible tragedy that could have been prevented!

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