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Friday, April 13

Humble Pie

Of all the things I love to eat-----and Lord knows that's nearly bout' everything but anchovies-----my words would not rank in the top three. Don't you just hate it when you make some big pronouncement---or worse, a judgement about somebody else's behavior----and then,
bigger'n Dallas, the very next thing you know, there you are, doing the very same thing? And do not think for one minute that nobody will notice or remember your big mouth or talk. They notice and they are gleeful-----which is only right. I would do----and have done----the very same for them on many occasions after all.

So what I'm getting around to here is some words that I my ownself have been forced----albeit happily so----to devour.

Funny thing I've noticed as I've gotten older----which I do a little bit of every day without exception: Every single, solitary thing I have looked down my pug nose at or berated somebody else for doing or been shocked, appalled, and dismayed at the very thought of-----I have lived to do that very thing my very ownself. "Chagrin" seems apropos, and I am chargrined. It's the least I can do. Of late, whenever I catch myself saying, "I would never do" whatever, I gasp in horror and try to quickly take it back or change my words in a futile attempt to trick karma. But it never works. Once I have uttered the fatal "n" word, I am doomed to perform, in spades, the very thing I said "never" to. Sigh....

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