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Thursday, April 12

Hmmmmm . . .

One of the interesting things about Gonzo-gate has been the revelation that LOTS of people in King George's Palace don't use their official email addresses all that frequently. And it's not, as they first led us to believe, because they're Luddites and this whole electronic mail thingy is beyond their capabilities. No, Prince KKKarl and some of the other Bush royalty use email through the Republican National Committee servers, or use their email addresses. It appears to be a fairly straightforward attempt to evade the requirements of the Presidential Records Act, yet another statute that was created post-Watergate to ensure we would never again have the type of criminal government we had under Nixon. (Oops, too late.)

To precisely no one's surprise, it now appears that thousands of those emails may be lost. Accidentally, of course. The Palace Guard already has admitted that many, many of these emails involved government business, not political business. (Of course, in this particular Monarch's reign, government business is political business, and vice versa.) Reps. Waxman and Conyers are not amused, as well they should not be.

These assholes are really amatuers if they believe that any of these communications are really gone for good. I'm no expert on the subject of computer forensics, but I know a little. To really, really wipe something out of a computer system, you have to try pretty danged hard, and you have to ensure that all traces of an email are wiped out in three different places: The sender's computer, the server relaying the email, and the recipient's computer. An "oopsie" usually can be undone; intentional deletion or overwriting invariably leave traces detectable to the forensic examiner.

So, if we find out there's nothing left to find, I guaratee you that means the emails were intentionally wiped. And then we are into spoliation of evidence, which may, under these circumstances, be a felony.

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