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Sunday, April 8

Blogs Against Theocracy

The blogswarm against theocracy this weekend is not just for atheists. It's about sensible people of all faiths or no faith who understand just how thin the line is getting between separation of church and state in our republic. There is a strong danger of fascism rising when religion rears its ugly head in public discourse and influences public policy. One simply has to open a history book to see what could happen here.

Often it's the worst version of a religion that influences a country's public policy. In our country today, a bastardized version of Christianity that flies in the face of Jesus or the Gospels, has been making inroads in our government merely so they can get votes. This version of "christianity" has no compassion and has nothing to do with the Christ of the New Testament. It threatens our very democracy and all we hold dear. It would take away our freedom and turn us into a police state.

The separation of church and state is one of the most important aspects of what it is to be an American. I've never felt that our personal religious beliefs were threatened before in my lifetime, until now. The so-called "christians" that you see on television who've allied themselves with the fascist leaning neo-cons could spark religious wars in this country- and perhaps that is their agenda (the old "divide and conquer"). We must stay alert.

Find out more at First Freedom First. Click on 'Resources' for even more information.

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