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Monday, April 16

Blogging From Texas

Hola! Buenos dias!

My blogging may be a bit light for the next week as I am in Texas for an artist's retreat. The weather people were correct when they predicted a hellish storm for the NYC area on Sunday and Monday. I got the hell out of town on Saturday instead of Sunday. As it turns out, I probably would have had to wait until Tues or Wed to get a flight out of Gomorrah for the Lone Star State. I am loving Texas so far. I got to spend a day roaming around yesterday, seeing the sights and talking to the friendliest people. I saw my first cattle drive! The people are wonderful, the roads are awesome and everything is sooooo spread out. The sky here is huge. You can see weather coming from a hundred miles away in any direction. Unfortunately, with all the driving you have to do to get somewhere, you use a lot of gasoline. Perhaps stagecoaches will come back in vogue? I can dig it.

Hasta luego, muchachos.

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