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Saturday, April 28

Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart -- THANK YOU! (there's a glimmer of hope in my world today)

The world sure works in mysterious ways. I thought I was in for the longest night of my life this past evening. The Jr. Prom was last night. I gave my precious baby boy the keys to my car, said be careful, and immediately entered into that dream like feeling --you know, the quiet panic that takes over your whole body. A defense like mechanism that turns on inside every mother during events like these. I was excited for him of course, but still had that picture of the mangled and charred cars that they put out in front of the high school during prom week. It's part of the DWI video program they show the kids the day before the prom. The "scared straight" type of film. It does have a profound effect on a lot of them. He said all the girls were balling during the video. I'm hopeful many boys got the message also.
I'm glad these kids are being made aware of this first hand, IN LIVING COLOR. I wish they showed these films when we were growing up.

Now.... what do I do for the rest of the evening? I gave him til 3am. How do I keep myself from losing my mind? Where's the remote? What stooopid nonsense is on the tube tonight?

OMG I forgot Jon Stewart was on Bill Moyers!! I tunned in half way through their conversation. I was at ease within seconds. I've never seen Jon Stewart outside of his show and stand up routine. It was amazing. I never thought it was possible to be in love with that man any more than I already am. He is absolutely, without a doubt, my ALL TIME HERO. Put him together with Bill Moyers and let me tell you folks -- I quickly moved out of that panic mode and into that feeling of hope. Just watching these two guys having a REAL conversation about REAL issues was a welcome change from our 24/7 non-stop talking heads. here's the link to the transcript of their conversation:

Here's where I started watching:

END CLIP: THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART: (This is the McCain interview on TDS)

BILL MOYERS: I saw McCain shrivel. I mean, he's been on your show...

JON STEWART: He didn't believe me. I think anybody who's been in a POW camp for five years can-- take eight minutes on THE DAILY SHOW.

BILL MOYERS: But something happened. You saw it happen to him. What you saw was evasive action. It wasn't shriveling, it was merely

BILL MOYERS: But he dropped his head, and you could you could

JON STEWART: Actually, he-- began to he stopped connecting and just looked at my chest and decided, "I'm just gonna continue to talk about honor and duty and the families should be proud," all the things that are cudgels emotionally to keep us from the conversation. But, things that weren't relevant to what we were talking about.

BILL MOYERS: So many people seem to want just what you did, somebody to cut through the talking points, and get our politicians to talk candidly and frankly. And I know you...

JON STEWART: Not that many people. You've seen our ratings. Some people want it. A couple of people download it from iTunes.

BILL MOYERS: But it was this time, this moment, this week that you decided that, what it

JON STEWART: That's right.

BILL MOYERS: Coming back to him.

JON STEWART: Well, it's also at the fore now, because the Senate and the House are working on timetables, which by the way, who knows if that's an issue, either. It's but it's again, the conversation that the Senate and the House are having with the President was very similar to the conversation that McCain and I were having, which was two people talking over each other and nobody really addressing the underlying issues of what kind of country do we want to be, moving forward in this? And it's not about being a pacifist or-- suggesting that you can never have a military solution to things. It's just that, it appears that this is not the smart way to fight this threat.

BILL MOYERS: Your persistence and his inability to answer without the talking points did get to the truth, that there's a contradiction to what's going on in Vietnam in there's a contradiction. Yeah, exactly, that there's a contradiction to what's going on in that war, that they can't talk about.

JON STEWART: That's right. There is a there is an enormous contradiction, and it is readily apparent, if you just walk through simple sort of logic, and simple rational points. But the thing that they don't realize is that everyone wants them to come from beyond that contradiction so that we can all fix it. Nobody is saying, "We don't have a problem." Nobody is saying that, "9/11 didn't happen." What they're saying is, "We're not a fragile country, trust us to have this conversation, so that we can do this in the right way, in a more effective way."

BILL MOYERS: Why aren't we having that conversation? Well, that's a very good point, Why is the country not having this conversation, the kind of conversation that requires the politicians who are responsible for the war to be specific to the concerns of the American people. I mean, they do come out and a kind of gauze goes up.

JON STEWART: Because I don't think politics is any longer about a conversation with the country. It's about figuring out how to get to do what you want. The best way to sell the product that you want to put out there, but not necessarily for the products on you know, it-- it's sort of like, when a dishwashing soap you know, they want to make a big splash, so they decide to have more lemon, as though people are gonna be like, "That has been the problem with my dishes! Not enough lemon scent!"

BILL MOYERS: Well, what is your thinking about why it is as-- the war enters its fifth year, and the President has announced - an extension of tours to 15 months, and they're going to call up the National Guard. And April was the bloodiest month so far since the war started, and there was one day in April that was the bloodiest day. That people have seen they have no way to get the guys in Washington, and Condoleezza Rice, to listen to them. That there seems a detachment emotionally, and politically in this country from what is happening.

JON STEWART: It's very hard to feel the difficulties that the military goes through. It's very hard to feel the difficulties of military families, unless you're in that environment. And sometimes you have to force yourself to try and put yourself in other people's sort of shoes and environment to get the sense of that.

JON STEWART: You know, one of the things that I do think government counts on is that people are busy. And it's very difficult to mobilize a busy and relatively affluent country, unless it's over really crucial-- you know, foundational issues. That come sort of sort of a tipping point.

JON STEWART: But war that hasn't affected us here, in the way that you would imagine a five-year war would affect a country. I think that's why they're so really — here's the disconnect. It's sort of this odd and I've always had this problem with the rationality of it. That the President says, "We are in the fight for a way of life. This is the greatest battle of our generation, and of the generations to come. "And, so what I'm going to do is you know, Iraq has to be won, or our way of life ends, and our children and our children's children all suffer. So, what I'm gonna do is send 10,000 more troops to Baghdad."

So, there's a disconnect there between — you're telling me this is fight of our generation, and you're going to increase troops by 10 percent. And that's gonna do it. I'm sure what he would like to do is send 400,000 more troops there, but he can't, because he doesn't have them. And the way to get that would be to institute a draft. And the minute you do that, suddenly the country's not so damn busy anymore. And then they really fight back, and then the whole thing falls apart. So, they have a really delicate balance to walk between keeping us relatively fearful, but not so fearful that we stop what we're doing and really examine how it is that they've been waging this.
Keep checking this link today for the actual video of Jon on PBS

Then....Then....THEN Bill Moyers had an interview with:JOSH MARSHALL -The blogger and publisher of, gives his perspective on the role of politics in the recent firings of federal prosecutors

I fell asleep sometime during this conversation. WOW - Now I must read the entire transcript. Can't believe I fell asleep -- It was such a treat to be watching REAL journalists at work. I guess maybe I finally felt like "ok, I can rest easy now, we've got some REAL people, with no loyalties to anyone or any group, who are getting the REAL deal out to the people." Off I went into dreamland (slept a sound, much needed 6 hours straight) with visions of Jon Stewart doing a weekly show on PBS. That could happen ya know!! Wouldn't that just be the best!!!

Speaking of the draft.....

I shot up in bed and came out of my sound sleep at 3:15. Looked out the window and saw my car in the driveway, which meant my kid was back home safe and sound. Dad said he heard him come home around 2am (what a good boy - I wonder if he'll give us any of the details when he wakes up sometime around the crack of noon).

Since I don't go back to sleep very well, I get up so I don't start worrying about the next thing whilst lying in bed. I lived through him going off to the prom -- and he did too!

Now I can start worrying about the very real possibility of him going off to a war. Stewart is right. It's the only thing that will get this country's attention. I sure hope Jon Stewart and Bill Moyers find a way to get the people's attention before a draft becomes necessary.

I don't even want to think of the odds of him not coming home from that event. Maybe we should ask our high schools to start showing these kids some videos of what happens when you go off to war. Now THAT would get their attention. Imagine if our parents were shown the REAL deal instead of the "turtle" video Duck and Cover?.

Our kids today may not be stupid enough to fall for "duck and cover" anymore, but they are a complacent bunch that needs the biggest wake up call of their lives. Jon Stewart has a huge opportunity to wake them up here. I hope he, and others are given the chance.

Keep your fingers crossed -

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