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Saturday, April 14

American Girl' Fans Mob Cheney

I just love the stories that come in my email from ABC News. Get this one:

'American Girl' Fans Mob Cheney
Vice-President Dick Cheney was mobbed by little girls Friday when he made an unannounced stop at the American Girl doll store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

The little girls wanted to meet him and take pictures with him, according to media personnel traveling with Cheney.

The Vice-President, never the most warm and fuzzy man on the campaign trail, indulged his fans and posed for pictures while his daughter, Liz Cheney, a former State Department official, made a purchase, presumably for one of her three daughters. The Vice-President did not buy anything.

Cheney was in Chicago to give a speech at the Heritage Foundation's -- a conservative think-tank -- annual leadership conference.

On the way there, Air Force Two struck a bird as the plane neared O'Hare International Airport.

The aircraft landed safely. Mechanics checked the plane and the incident did not delay his departure from the airport to return to Washington.

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