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Wednesday, April 18

America suffers from an infectious disease.

America suffers from an infectious disease. And it calls on all it's experts, how to treat this disease. The ideas vary from expert to expert, from pundit to pundit, from politician to the common folk, reaching a kinda hysteria: "what are we going to do about?", "how are we going to save our children?", "what country are we going to invade, to cool our heads and get it out of our system?"

The ideas abound and we hear:
• "We should wear gas masks with anti-bacterial filtration system"
• "We should hermetically insulate our homes, with duct tapes around the windows, recirculate air through an anti-bacterial filtration system"
• "We should dispatch health care police to interview and identify the potential carriers of the disease"
• "We should apply strict personal hygiene, wear rubber gloves, and tape our cloths at wrists and ankles"
• "We should offer counseling to the already infected, insulate them from the public, with a complete background check of him/her and people that they came in contact with"
• "We should install airosol-spays throughout our living areas"
• "Disease free ID cards should be issued to healthy population, that can be presented before coming in contact with other individuals"
• "We should implement checklist with every individual to comply with our recommendations"

"We definitely should not have the audacity to use antibiotics! Antibiotics may infringe on the Constitutional rights of several species of bacteria, viruses or carriers of such!"

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